Season of useful presents!

Strengthened inflatable bunkers of HARD SPORT series – a new standard of AIRBUNKER. Made for professional sport tournaments holding.

Enjoy the special offer by AIRBUNKER till April 30! Get special presents when placing order on the HARD SPORT sets!

  • Buying 16+ inflatable bunkers – you get a Bosch blower as a GIFT;
  • Buying 30+ inflatable bunkers – you get a Bosch blower and a decoration of each ordered inflatable bunker with your logo FOR FREE!

Inflatable bunkers of HARD SPORT series:

  • Bunkers meet NXL, Millenium, PSP paintball series standards;
  • Extra durable material – 680 g/sq.m by leading manufacturers;
  • Fast Sport air-valve – inflate your bunkers twice faster!
  • Soldered double seam – withstands hits of hundreds paintball balls in one point;
  • Strengthened rail – makes the bunker resistant to snatching;
  • Water filled bunkers of PRO series – maximal steadiness of the bunkers;
  • Sport plummets with carabiner – fast and reliable fixation to the rail;
  • Carrying handles;
  • 16 available color options for your bunkers;
  • Branding the bunkers with your logo.

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