Set your laser tag club free, using a DISCOUNT for game kits & tactical bunkers!

AIRBUNKER has a SPECIAL OFFER for the ready-to-launch business with laser tag! What is “ready-to-launch business”? It is all the necessary equipment together with the game field. Each purchase of 12 FALCON laser tag game kits and 20 tactical inflatable bunkers goes with 12% discount only till September 30.

Inflatable bunkers is one of the easiest tools to create a game field for laser tag, paintball or airsoft. Moreover, this game field will be portable, revealing new benefits for the owner because it is:

  • set up quickly – you get the ready-to-use field for games or trainings in just 4 hour
  • portable– you will organize and host away games, trainings, tournaments and aall different kinds of events
  • safe – your visitors will be 100% safe cause they simply can get no inhury when hitting the inflatable bunker which is extremely important when you host a game for children
  • flexible – you can change the layout of the bunkers anytime and in any way, adapting the gamefield for different needs of the players
  • useful – the inflatable field can be used when you need an additional gamefiled (hot season, big events, etc.)

The tactical inflatable bunkers come with FALCON laser tag game kits to form a business kit of equipment so you could start your business or expand the existing one. And you get a 12% discount for this kit!

Offer ends September 30*

* this special offer cannot be combined with other discounts and offers.