The Tactical field packages

The Tactical field packages imitate realistic cover positions – buildings angular fragments, windows and doorways usable for round-the-cover fire.

The Tactical bunkers are designed as constituent elements: they can be connected together to formation different structures. However, each bunker can be inflated and installed independently.

The tactical bunkers are more compact than the Competition ones and allow complex game field to be assembling even in a confined indoor space – for example, a school gym. The tactical packages is preferred choice for the clubs acting as away games organizers. Moreover, such packages are used more often in playing fields outfitting.

The Tactical field packages for paintball, laser tag and archery tag are used for maneuverer exercises and tactical operations conducted also by paramilitary units. At the same time, this edition is usable for children’s game fields due to compactness, safety and easy erection.


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