The Competition field packages

Complying with Millennium and NXL tournament standards inflatable bunker field packages for sports paintball competitions and training.

Field packages of the Competition edition manufactured by AIRBUNKER are used for paintball local tournaments and European Major Events. We offer paintball, laser tag and archery tag inflatable bunker complete packages, complying with the layouts of the greatest events such as MILLENNIUM (Europe) and NXL (National X-Ball League).

All bunkers in the package strictly correspond in their form, dimensions, quality and function capabilities to the tournament standards.

Millennium Series

The best known paintball tournaments series is held in European countries: Germany, France, UK, and Belgium.

Great organizational level has turned Millennium Series into reference line for paintball competitions and raised the game to a high level in sport. Within the frame of the series, rules of the game are refined and standardized at the same time as innovations are introduced and equipment requirements are established.


The NXL (National X-Ball League) is the United States’ Professional Paintball Circuit. It acts as paintball tournament series organizer based in the United States.

NXL tournaments attract the attention of paintball players from around the world. Before each game, the organizers publish field configuration by virtue of which every club, if there is the same field package, can fit out independently the similar field for mass training and sparring between paintball teams and amateurs.

World Paintball Organization (WPBO)

This organization was established with the aim to develop sports paintball uniform rules and standards applicable for all official competitions in Europe and the United States.

WPBO rules are applied to NXL, Millennium and PALS series as well as other affiliated competitions and leagues.

Champions Paintball Series (CPS)

European tournament series.


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