Too good to miss! Get 10% off when buying new field for NXL 2018

Use AIRBUNKER Special Offer till March 31 to get 10% DISCOUNT  on the new field for NXL 2018 in this new season*.  Read more

Set your laser tag club free, using a DISCOUNT for game kits & tactical bunkers!

AIRBUNKER has a SPECIAL OFFER for the ready-to-launch business with laser tag! What is “ready-to-launch business”? It is all the necessary equipment together with the game field. Each purchase of 12 FALCON laser tag game kits and 20 tactical inflatable bunkers goes with 12% discount only till March 31.

Inflatable bunkers is one of the easiest tools to create a game field for laser tag, paintball or airsoft. Moreover, this game field will be portable, revealing new benefits for the owner because it is:

  • set up quickly – you get the ready-to-use field for games or trainings in just 4 hour
  • portable– you will organize and host away games, trainings, tournaments and aall different kinds of events
  • safe – your visitors will be 100% safe cause they simply can get no inhury when hitting the inflatable bunker which is extremely important when you host a game for children
  • flexible – you can change the layout of the bunkers anytime and in any way, adapting the gamefield for different needs of the players
  • useful – the inflatable field can be used when you need an additional gamefiled (hot season, big events, etc.)

The tactical inflatable bunkers come with FALCON laser tag game kits to form a business kit of equipment so you could start your business or expand the existing one. And you get a 12% discount for this kit!

Offer ends March 31*

* this special offer cannot be combined with other discounts and offers.


It’s time to get super gifts!

In the beginning of November 2017 all paintball players and fans got great news about filed update for the coming season of 2018. Upgrade kits and 2 new inflatable bunkers were presented to change WPBO 2017 field into NXL 2018 one!

Now you can order then and pump your field up to the new standard! AIRBUNKER announces official sales of 2018 Upgrade kits on profitable terms!

Pump your field up till March 31, 2018 with 10% discount!

There’re two packages, available for order:

Upgrade 2018 «3000», including Giant Wing — 2 pcs., Giant Brick —  1 pc.

Upgrade 2018 «Full», including Giant Wing — 4 pcs., Giant Brick —  2 pcs.

Contact our managers online or by phone to learn all the details

Offer ends March 31, 2018

* this Special Order can’t be combined with other offers and discounts


Are you ready? Christmas spirit, unforgetable New Year, new paintbal season…only few days untill the start, only few days till the very new beginning!


AIRBUNKER wishes both existing & future clients, partners, and friends outstanding Christmas holidays. Let the inspiration join the positive impressions and get you a solid ground for new victories both in business, and in the game!

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Photo report from CPS France Paris

Last weekend we all witnessed CPS France Paris. Wanna take a glimpse too? Here is a fresh photo report.

AirBunker presents CPS France! 27-28 of May, Paris

Russian Legion is the winner of Millennium Series Event

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