Inflatable bunkers by AIRBUNKER – operating manual

Airbunker Company presents you brief video about the inflatable bunkers exploitation. The laser tag club’s owners and field games providers often face the problem of paintball or laser tag court arrangement. Inflatable bunkers by Airbunker will help you to cope with this task. Our bunkers are not just game attributes – they are safe, professional, reliable and simple!

The advantages of inflatable bunkers by Airbunker:

  • Durability. Due to the double seam technology and durable fabric used for bunkers, they may be exploited up to 10 years.
  • Easy tо transport. Deflated set of bunkers is very compact and can be easily moved from one playing court to another even in a car boot.
  • Mobility. You can rearrange your playing court as many times as you want, it won’t take long, because you can inflate/deflate air bunkers within the 30-second period.
  • Arrangement the playing court of any complexity. Using the inflatable bunkers by Airbunker you may realize even the boldest ideas for playing court design, adjusting it for the scenario of any complexity.
  • Safety. No matter how dynamic the game process is and who plays – kids or grown-ups you may be sure that due to inflatable bunkers nobody will get hurt.

Inflatable bunkers can be modified according to client’s request.