When installing and removing the inflatable field, pay attention to the rules for transporting bunkers. If they are observed, the bunkers will serve you for as long as possible, maintaining a presentable appearance. Sharing useful tips on how to extend the life of inflatable bunkers!


After the game it is necessary to clean the surface of the bunker from dirt, dust or paintball paint. We recommend to use water or soap solution for this purpose. Then wipe the surface with a dry cloth and wait for the cover to dry.

Fold up

After you have pumped air out of the bunker, fold it several times in half until you get the most compact size. Do not stack the bunker all the time in the same order to avoid cracks that would lead to repairs.

Pack up

Special bags allow not only to reduce the occupied volume, but also to protect bunkers from mechanical damage during transportation. The bag contains 12 bunkers, so your mobile platform can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. These bags are also needed for long term storage of bunkers

The durability of Airbunker shelters when properly operated is over 10 years! If you still have questions, please write to our managers in the online chat!