Inflatable shelters are necessary for arranging a playground in your club, conducting away games, promotional events and organizing sports competitions.

  • “How to set an inflatable playground?”

    – is one of the most common questions for beginning entrepreneurs.

We have prepared a step-by-step process and a list of recommendations based on our practical experience. We promise that you will find this useful!

The process

Prepare the game area

First of all, it is necessary to mark the boundaries of the site, if its limits are not clear to the players. Use caution tape for this, it is clearly visible even from afar and inexpensive.

Carefully inspect the site for stones, branches and sharp objects. They can harm both inflatable shelters and players.

Prepare the equipment

Inflatable shelters must be transported in special bags. It allows you to significantly reduce the occupied space, so that they can be transported in the trunk of a car. In addition, the bag protects the shelter from mechanical damage.

Take the shelters out of the bag, take out the pump (leaf-blower), and weights, 4 weights per shelter.

Spread the shelters around the site

After taking the inflatable shelters out of the transportation bag, it is necessary to lay them out on the site with the valves up. This will be convenient for you to pump them. Open the valves right after taking them out.

For HARD SPORT shelters there is a large inlet for quick pumping. For the TACTICAL series there is a Push & Go system, which allows you to fix the valve in the position for inflating and deflating.

Inflate the shelters

Inflate all the shelters and close the air valves. Each piece, depending on its size, is inflated within 30-60 seconds.

To play paintball, the shelters should be slightly deflated so that the balls splatter when they hit the shelter,or else they will bounce. Tactical shelters, which are used primarily for playing laser tag, are to the contrary, more inflated. To pump tactical shelters more use the foot pump, which is included in the package.

Arrange the shelters on the playground

It’s time to set up the playing area! Arrange the shelters symmetrically to the participants’ bases. This is necessary to maintain game balance, so that each team has equal conditions.

Place a site map

Print the plan of the game location with a printer or at a printing shop. You can draw it in Photoshop or in an online designer. It must be placed on a spot accessible to players so that all participants can discuss team tactics before the start of the game or in between rounds.


Space organization

It is necessary to arrange the shelters in such a way that there is enough free space between them. When running, several people should be able to pass through. If the arrangement of the shelters is too close and the playground resembles a maze, arrange the pieces wider.

The variety of tactical combinations

The more tactical combinations you can play on the playground, the more interesting and intense the game is. Place tall, long pieces along one of the flanks so that you can get behind the enemy lines hiding behind them.

On the other flank place the pieces so that they stand apart from each other. Players can go from one shelter to another with short runs.

Starting positions of the teams

Exciting laser tag battles are incomplete without the “first-aid kit”, which restores health units for all the members of the teams. Place these devices at the bases of both teams to increase the dynamics of the game.

Starting positions must be fenced off from the site with high shelters. Because of this, players will not be able to be hit before the start of the round and during the replenishment of health units.

The center of the site

One of the most popular scenarios is the battle for the domination box. A device that can be captured with shots must be installed in a place equal distance from the players’ bases – the center of the site.

You can place inflatable shelters around the domination box so that the device is not visible from the entire site. This will increase the dynamics of the game, because players from both teams will need to come closer to see the domination box indication and interact with it.

We have prepared ready-made sets of inflatable shelters – Sport and Tactical. Our experts will help you choose the necessary equipment, based on your needs and budget.

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