The world-famous paintball players about AIRBUNKER

It’s always a pleasure when the result of the company’s work is highly evaluated. And being praised by professionals is twice as pleasant!

The founder of the AIRBUNKER Company, Michael Obod, was lucky to talk to the real professional of the paintball, Eugene Zakharov and Konstantin Fedorov, at the first stage of the series of paintball tournaments CPS 2019.
And he even managed to get feedback about our inflatable bunkers that traditionally were used in this large-scale event.

Eugene Zakharov, the legend player of such paintball teams as “Art Chaos” and “RussianLegion”, a professional trainer, commentator, the founder of the project “Pro Custom” and our regular customer – the last fact is quite a reason for us to be proud of our own products.

Konstantin Fedorov is the leading player in the world of paintball, one of the world TOP-10 players, a former player of the “Art Chaos” team and the current player of the “Houston Heat” team that has repeatedly won the world championships in paintball.

As main advantages of our bunkers guys have mentioned:

  • Double seam technology;
  • Handle for carrying bunkers;
  • Sport valve, due to which the bunkers can be quickly inflated and deflated;
  • NXL fields accordance to the world standards.

High durability of the bunkers was remarked as well. During 2 years the bunkers are tested by 7 thousand hits of paintball balls twice a day on training. But despite this, the bunkers remain invulnerable – they retain their integrity and presentable appearance.

We thank Eugene and Konstantin for their feedback, all the suggestions will be taken into account, and we look forward to our further fruitful cooperation!