Paintball clubs and laser tag centers often use inflatable bunkers to arrange the place. While buying inflatables, many people do not pay enough attention to the color of the bunker. There are at least two significant factors that will help you make the right choice!

Choosing bunkers for laser tag

The laser tag gun’s beam tends to ricochet from light surfaces. The shield color of the tactical bunker should be as dark as possible or matte in order to effectively absorb rays emitted at high power.

AIRBUNKER offers 16 color options:

  • 1 – black;
  • 2 – swamp;
  • 3 – white;
  • 4 – cream;
  • 5 – yellow;
  • 6 – gray;
  • 7 – orange;
  • 8 – red;
  • 9 – green;
  • 10 – light green;
  • 11 – light blue;
  • 12 – blue;
  • 13 – lilac;
  • 14 – purple;
  • 15 – crimson;
  • 16 – brown.

If you want to minimize the chance of ricochet, you should choose the darkest option.

The ricochet problem can be solved not only with the help of the dark color of the bunker, but also decreasing the laser power. The Netronic software allows you to easily modify the power of IR beams from 1 to 100%.

Choosing inflatable bunkers for a paintball field

While equipping a paintball field, it is necessary to focus on advertising your facility. If the bunkers are in your company colors – you can significantly increase the recognition of the paintball club.

You will find recommendations on the number of printed logos according to the size of the bunker in the AIRBUNKER catalog.
Contact managers from the AIRBUNKER company to order a catalog.